03/13 – 03/17 Real Estate


As long as FOMC remain hawkish real estate will continue to go down. New catalyst for move in this sector may be found this week on Wednesday when we will have new data about Fed Interest Rate Decision. As long as XLRE  hold  below 31.50, stay bearish and watch for follow through to clear 30.54 because we broke the trend-line.

 If bulls build up power and broke 31.50, i will avoid this sector.

  • Strong Stocks : AMT, CBG.
  • Weak Stocks : AIV, GGP, KIM, MAC, HST, HCP, O, REG, SPG, VNO, VTR.


03/06 – 03/10 Real Estate


XLRE didn’t holf above 32, for now prior pivots are 31.57 and 32.35 . As long as XLRE hold 31.57, stay bullish and watch for follow through to clear 32.25, trading strong stocks. If bears build up power and broke 31.57, see if they hold and watch for follow through to 31 trading weak stocks.

I don’t realy see any strong stocks in this sector but are some of them that build nice setups :