03/13 – 03/17 Gold & Silver


As i said in my last research we have seen further downside action.Bears have broken and hold above 1220, as long as they hold that level watch for follow through to 1183.

I don’t recommend to trade any stocks for gold as miners don’t react very well. Trade some ETFs like GDXJ , NUGT or DUST. 



01/03 – Waiting For Trump

All things mentioned in my market research  are the same, but there’s more caution in the air because meny secotors are overbought as I said.

XLV daily and weekly charts : 

xlvd1    xlvw1

IBB daily and weekly charts : 

ibbd1    ibbw1

On monday and tuesday we had a great move in Healthcare leaded  by biotech sector as IBB broke last week hi. I played this in stocks like AMGN, CELG, EXEL and PTLA mentioned in my market research  for biotech .See if IBB will broke and hold above 300 for anover move.

XLU and /CL daily charts : 

cld1     xlud1

Also we see that utilites showed some commitment and relative strength on thuesday as we broke 52.75. The prior pivot for now is 51.20, see if they hold and watch for follow through trading strong stocks.

Oil have played a nice support bounce from low of the flag, nothing changed and see if it remain strong.

Gold have showed some weakness and it looks like it needs a little more time to rest. Now the prior pivot  is 1237 on /GC.

Also at 9:00 pm ( New York Time ) President Trump Speaks to congress and lets see what he says, maybe this will give some new opportunities tomorrow.

If something will change i will come with an update.





02/27 – 03/03 Gold & Silver

gcd1   gldd1        slvd1

As you see in the /GC, GLD and SLV daily charts these instruments have broken their downtrends and are ready to go up as long as /GC remain strong and hold his accelerated trendline ( with violet on /GC daily chart ) .

The prior pivots for trading this week are 1261.20 and 1226.8 for /GC, 119.88 and 116.77 for GLD, 17.45 and 16.90 for SLV.  As long as /GC hold 1226.8, stay bullish and watch for follow through to clear 1261.20, trading strong stocks. If bears build up power and broke 1261.20, see if they hold and watch for follow through to 1220, trading weak stocks.

Gold :

  • Strong stocks : $GOLD .

Silver :

  •  Strong stocks : $SSRI .