Weekly recap – Do your daily homework.

This week after using my new rule from last weekly recap my results have improved ending with 4 positive days of 5 but i still make a lot of mistakes. Thursday market sentiment has changed to downside and I found that I did’t have weak stocks with I could play the weakness in market. This forced me to trade weak stocks from my watchlist like $NFLX or $CCI that are not in play and are in the middle of range , but you know the problem with trading in range, even if you see that the market will go down they’ll take you out 10 times before they’ll go, so , i decide from next week to  review my watchlist every day, also i found that i can’t make more than 2 trades on the same stock because even if the 3-4 will be profitable, he loses r/w because of last 2 negative trades. Let’s se how this will influence my results.