03/06 – 03/10 Industrials

xlid1        xliw1

Like many other strong sectors, industrials have a clear move, with higher highs(HH) and higher lows(HL) from 11/09 when Trump was elected as president of US, also we have a long-term trend line from 1/18/2016 ( with violet on XLI chart).

The prior pivots for trading this week is 65.73 and 67.19 on XLI which are also the highs and lows on weekly chart for the last week. As long as XLI hold 65.73, stay bullish and watch for follow through to clear 67.19 level, trading strong sub-sectors/stocks. If bears build up power and broke 65.73, see if they hold and watch for follow through to 65, trading weak sub-sectors/stocks.

Health Care Equipment & Supplies : 

  • Strong Stocks : DHR.

Household Durables :

  • Strong Stocks : DHI, LEN , TOL.

Comercial Services & Supplies :

  • Strong Stocks : WM, RSG.
  • Weak Stocks : SRCL.

Machinery : 

  • Strong Stocks : IR, ITW, PH, CMI, DE.

Industrial Conglomerates :

  • Strong Stocks : HON, MMM.

Electrical Equipment : 

  • Strong Stocks : AME, ROK.
  • Weak Stocks : EMR.

Contruction & Engineering :

  • Strong Stocks : PWR.

Building Products : 

  • Strong Stocks : OC, USG.

Aerospace & Defense : 

  • Strong Stocks : BA, BEAV, COL, GD, SPR.

Lumber, Wood Production : 

  • Strong Stocks : WY.


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